Poem – TEN YEARS TRANSIENCE (By Joseph Cavera)



after time the arms do rust

mitigate intitial verve

wrought nothingness and ill humored lust


but if your contemplations lie

next to cleanliness, where birds fly

then they’ll serve to clarfiy


but oh the jaws of life do close

wither and wilt

a shattered rose


For all that lies ahead shall tilt-

After all this time

aspirations lie in the planes we’ve built


decades run, decades pass

i recall the dawning, ten years last

zeroes seemed to fill the screen

So too knew better then

the child alive, and when

I thought ‘what did budge mean?’

I plucked my eyes from the gleam

from where the rest stood still so green


In mortal despondence I left them so,

to view their vicarious visions

and ephermal seams,

while my sights could simply see

forgotten dreams