Poem – The Horse’s Tale (By Ray Gallucci)




The story of the Trojan Horse

Owes little to Homeric source.

Its mention in the Odyssey’s

About as brief as brief can be.


It took a Roman to explain

(Descendence from the Trojans claim)

The tale of Grecian subterfuge,

Epitome of classic ruse.


For Virgil in Aeneid’sverse

Records events of equine curse,

Although he only put to word

What had for centuries been heard.


Could Horse’s legend be legit,

Not just an allegory fit

To some disaster natural

Like earthquake that caused Troy to fall?


If facts cannot be truly known

About a myth that long has grown,

Then cherish legendary tale

When any truth against would pale.


About Ray Gallucci: I am a Professional Engineer who has been writing poetry since 1990. I am an incorrigible rhymer, tending toward the skeptical/cynical regarding daily life. I have been fortunate to have been published in poetry magazines and on-line journals such as NUTHOUSE, MOTHER EARTH INTERNATIONAL, FEELINGS/POETS’ PAPER, MÖBIUS (when Jean Hull Herman published), PABLO LENNIS, MUSE OF FIRE, SO YOUNG!, THE AARDVARK ADVENTURER, POETIC LICENSE, THUMBPRINTS, UNLIKELY STORIES, BIBLIOPHILOS, FULLOSIA PRESS, NOMAD’S CHOIR, HIDDEN OAK, PABLO LENNIS, POETSESPRESSO, SOUL FOUNTAIN, WRITER’S JOURNAL, ATLANTIC PACIFIC PRESS, DERONDA REVIEW, LYRIC, THE STORYTELLER, WRITE ON! and DANA LITERARY SOCIETY.