Massive solar eruption to hit Earth before New Year’s Eve

In 2015, scientists predicted that a massive solar eruption would hit Earth just before New Year’s Eve. It was expected to cause power fluctuations, radio blackouts and even affect GPS reception. There was a small chance it could make the Northern Lights visible in the San Francisco Bay Area. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted that the Aurora Borealis […]

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Earth’s magnetic shield getting weaker

Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, and could all but disappear within the next 500 years—exposing our planet to intense solar radiation that would scour its surface of life, reports. Researchers say I the geological record indicates that Earth’s * magnetic field tends to switch polarity f every 250,000 years—and that it’s about 550,000 years overdue for a swap, which […]

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Ozone Hole Shrinking Over Antarctica

Ozone Hole Shrinking Over Antarctica - Antarctica Journal News

According to NASA and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) due to the warmer weather, the ozone hole has measured its smallest size on record over Antarctica.  This has happened three times in the last 40 years where the weather conditions have caused the ozone depletion to slow.  Even though this is good news it is not a sign that […]

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