Pompey the Great’s soldiers were bone tired. For most of 65 BCE, Roman legions marched around the southern edge of the Black Sea as they battled the local ruler, Mithridates VI of Pontus. Then, something magical happened: The exhausted troops discovered a stockpile of honeycombs strewn across their path, and they fell upon the sticky treats like hungry bears. But […]

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Military Bases

The Department of Defense has 562,000 military bases and facilities located around the world, which collectively cover 24.7 million acres—nearly the size of Virginia. Much of that space is now unused, but Congress has barred the Pentagon from conducting a detailed assessment out of fear that bases in home districts would be closed.

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Military Hazing In South Korea

military hazing In South Korea

“How did we end up with a military like this?” asked The Hankyoreh in an editorial. Hazing in South Korea’s conscription army is shockingly brutal—and increasingly deadly. Within weeks before this writing, two soldiers have hanged themselves to escape bullying. And just months before that, one young recruit snapped after military hazing In South Korea and killed five soldiers at […]

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