Poem – FALL TONES (By Joseph Cavera)

FALL TONES (By Joseph Cavera)   A young lad awakes to cold on Sunday Stirring slowly, quakes to life his way His covers like lovers unravel above Another of is brothers leaving a shove   He sees the light peak through his door It glistens through the glass o’er The window that sits by Reflecting and resonating with Images of […]

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Poem – Small Packages (By Gil Hoy)

Small Packages – By Gil Hoy   I’d like to drink up the Universe from a can of Diet Coke, bought from my ancestors’ most virtuous moments. With no deposit required–can’t be returned without your consent, a secret label on the side that reads: “only the purest, natural ingredients.” Has a pull tab that opens like a forever Christmas morning […]

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Poem – Noblesse Oblige (By Frank De Canio)

Noblesse Oblige – By Frank De Canio It isn’t strange that some sweet girl who’s charmed a male combatant in the sexes’ war should, seeing that her former foe’s disarmed by awe, forgo hostilities she swore. For, after all, a man thus smitten cedes his prowess to exigencies of love. His heart is focused on romantic deeds and gallantry instead […]

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