Poem – Adultery (By DS Maolalai)

Adultery   I’d bang them out, wine-drunk and excited, and send them off to magazines. I had two lists; ones which liked me and ones I liked, and I’d fire them unedited like a shotgun scaring birds. each one 5 times to 5 different places. then I’d wait for any to come back.   in general it started with rejections; […]

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Poem – Hocus Pocus (By Changming Yuan)

Hocus Pocus   This [bread] is no other than Jesus’ flesh This [horse’s open mouth] is Vaisvanara This [word] has A magic power This [fish head] brings Courage & posterity This [fluid] cures All diseases This [sequence of syllables] drives away All evils & devils This [ritual] ensures Good weather & good harvest This [hat/hood] guarantees Purity, loyalty This [flag] […]

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