Poem – Underwater Ballet (By David Russell)

Underwater Ballet In the wistful – drowning; All dreamers hold their breath; Floating balloon Rests full in blister world before the land.   Slippery between skin and scales, Drawn throbbing from the gilled; Great tuna from crustaceans postulated, Anemones new-boned; Parallel concert writhe Curls double joints.   Flippers of androgyny Erected supple   Thighs hoisted angular Lungs ultra-blown;   Last […]

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Poem – Connections (David Russell)

Connections Sheen caps ground rails Soaking harsh sleepers To rattle mud-flounced trains.   Drizzle dusts, Grinding against itself, Sparking the tracks’ sheen With casual exasperation;   Blinding the gravel Kicking in panic Against the basalt of its being.   The lifeline   Brine polishes ground cliffs, Moss-padded in their cavities, The waves of muscle buffet, Abrade the penciled rocks, Cowl […]

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