Poem – Travelogue (By Gary Beck)

Travelogue   Voyagers no longer disembark at decayed seaports, piers rotting where sturdy ships once docked delivering the wealthy the hopeful, travel plans replaced by accommodating airlines getting us to destinations so quickly there’s no transition between coming and going, just adaptation to climate change, time change, when we conclude our journey.   This poem is part of a collection […]

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Poem – QUESTIONABLE CHOICE (By Ray Gallucci)

  QUESTIONABLE CHOICE   Gathered at the water hole Primates lacking hair. Cover selves from neck to toe Lest reveal what’s there.   Feeding till they’re satisfied, Drinking till they’re full. Elders showing sagging hides From the planet’s pull.   Try imagining these apes “Masters of the Earth,” Guzzling down fermented grapes, Adding to their girth.   Evolution must have […]

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