Poem – The Horse’s Tale (By Ray Gallucci)

THE HORSE’S TALE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trojan_Horse)   The story of the Trojan Horse Owes little to Homeric source. Its mention in the Odyssey’s About as brief as brief can be.   It took a Roman to explain (Descendence from the Trojans claim) The tale of Grecian subterfuge, Epitome of classic ruse.   For Virgil in Aeneid’sverse Records events of equine curse, Although […]

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Poem – AFTER THE FACT (By Ray Gallucci)

  AFTER THE FACT   The mystery of history Reduces all to sophistry If fecklessly, not skeptically, Accept we its validity.   Did Kennedy form strategy Preventing Cuban tragedy When quarantined Fidel at sea? Or was it serendipity?   Did atom bomb need dropping on To-be-defeated-soon Nippon, Because Japan, to its last man, Would fight invasion hand-to-hand?   Was Civil […]

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Poem – Aversion (By Ray Gallucci)

AVERSION   No rhythm, rhyme? That’s such a crime! Just passing prose Does not compose A poem. For such Needs structured touch For it to be Called poetry.   To me, free verse Is just a curse Of laziness That’s patternless. For all it takes Is random breaks To be dispensed ‘Mid sentences.   About Ray Gallucci: I am a Professional […]

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