Pope Francis Cures Cancer With Papal Kiss

Pope Francis Cures Cancer

A Philadelphia baby has a new lease on life after a kiss from Pope Francis. Parents and followers believe that Pope Francis cures cancer simply by kissing this ailing infant. It’s the kiss Gianna Masciantonio’s parents call the Miracle on Market St.  They insist the quick kiss during the pontiff’s recent visit to the city is partially responsible for her […]

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Doctor examining patient obesity on light background

America is now in an Obesity Epidemic with 70% of Americans overweight or obese.  This according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention state the 40% of adults and 20% of adolescents are obese.  In the US obesity is a major health issue – increased risk of certain cancers, diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke and an early mortality.  Obesity […]

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This Is America on Drugs

We’re more reliant than ever on prescription medications. Should we be worried?   Looking at the numbers alone, the U.S. runs almost entirely on Prozac and heart pills. They’re among the most prescribed medications, according to our national annual checkup from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which this year included a special report highlighting the ever growing […]

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Nature’s cure for anxiety

People tormented by a neverending flow of negative thoughts can greatly benefit from an alternative to expensive psychotherapy or medications: a walk in the woods. Psychologists at Stanford University found that walking outdoors in natural settings can ward off the human tendency to harp on that breakup, layoff, or family problem. The study involved 38 city participants, some of which […]

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