Yes, Women Are Drinking More These Days. Why?

5.0 01 “Trainwreck” hilariously depicts some sobering news: Alcohol consumption is on the rise among educated professional women. And in a high-pressure culture where workdays can end in rounds of drinks, collegial boozing is creating some tricky situations. For the young creatives at one Washington, D.C.-based marketing agency, grabbing a beer together is as typical as a group coffee run. […]

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Neanderthals—the other white meat

4.2 06 Neanderthals, a sturdy hominid species closely related to Homo sapiens, lived in Europe for about 270,000 years until humans arrived on the continent, about 30,000 years ago, at which point they quickly disappeared. The latest theory for their puzzling extinction is that humans exterminated, and maybe even ate, their Neanderthal cousins. French anthropologist Fernando that the bacterial disease […]

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Florida Boy, 12, Steals Car From Elderly Man

0.0 00 A 12-year-old Florida boy was arrested after stealing an 89-year-old man’s car after telling the man he needed to check his tires. The boy, who St. Petersburg authorities say has been arrested at least 20 times, is allegedly seen on surveillance footage approaching a car while on his bike. The brazen boy then jumps into the driver’s seat of the elderly man’s […]

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