Cheating in school: Why it’s on the rise

Have we raised “a generation of cheaters?” asked Robert Kolker in New York magazine. That’s the question people are asking after a series of major cheating scandals involving some of the nation’s top schools and colleges. New York City’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School this month suspended 12 students, and threatened to suspend 50 more, for allegedly sharing test answers via […]

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Sodas speed up aging

Drinking sugary sodas has been proved to lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks. Now researchers have found evidence that the drinks could also speed up the body’s aging process. One of the signs of the aging process is that the caps on the end of people’s chromosomes, known as telomeres, tend to shrink. When scientists at the University of […]

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Earthquakes- What Are They?

Earthquakes- What Are They

Earthquakes are the result shifting plates in the crust of Earth. When there is frictional stress building of the plates it causes failure at a fault line an earthquake happens.  The shaking of the ground happens when the energy is released, and waves radiate.  Research has found that they predict where major seismic activity may happen, but they cannot forecast […]

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The Lamb With The Human Face

In the Russian village Chirka, the fuss is all about a lamb. It was born with what appears to be a ‘human face’. Neighbors refer to it as the “angry old man with a big nose”. The farm owner could not believe his eyes when he first laid eyes on it. “We have a fairly heavy winter behind us”, said […]

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Surviving the night shift

Working while everyone else is sleeping takes a serious toll on a person’s health. Clocking in to work nights or irregular and rotating shifts is associated with more stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as being sedentary and following an unhealthy diet, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health issues, new research reveals. Scientists found that […]

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