Poem – Goat Hoarder (By Josh Lowder)

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Goat Hoarder


Farms frame the swatch of wild         ridge

line and hand nature more

misery than she deserves        for her

sustainable soil; one man among his

rolled bales that mildew in       the summer

torpor brains his biggest         billy

for the week’s meat; his slaughter’s        bleating

laughter cries into the valley, echo     into silence—

the chucked thuds     and

wet splats replace

it, the corpse hung for         gutting;

forgetting himself, he       grins

against the pathology, grins     about the stew.



Author Bio: Josh Lowder

Josh received his Poetry MFA from College of Charleston in 2018, where he won the First Crazyhorse MFA Poetry Prize, has contributed at Sewanee Writers Conference, road-managed bands like Fu-Manchu, and appeared for Adult Swim in ‘Too Many Cooks’.