Poem – The Fern (By DS Maolalai)

The Fern   these are days; people with nothing to do doing nothing. people with things to do doing those things. the sun out, loud and shining, like a child screaming at a dropped ice-cream, but weak enough to freeze you in a shadow. people sometimes in houses touching their hands against the clock. staring at computers. or older, looking […]

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Poem – Resisting Arrest (By Alex Andy Phuong)

Resisting Arrest   Uniting uniformed unity You and I defy the sky Team work and collaboration Up to personal discretion Civil Rights Civility Minorities against majorities Stick to the status quo But should we…? Really? Defy thy stars And seek new avenues Harness the power of creativity And merge sense with sensibility “Utopia” was conceived by Thomas More But all […]

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