Poem – HOTAND COLD (By Ray Gallucci)

  HOTAND COLD   Perhaps 100million years To rise from naught, then disappear Above the Hot Spot in the Earth That to Hawaiian Chain gave birth.   The oldest now perhaps just stumps, Once mountains proud, now merely bumps Long passed from magma cauldron where They first broke through the surface there.   The youngest rise majestically For miles above […]

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Poem – WOBBLEDEHOY (By Ray Gallucci)

  WOBBLEDEHOY* {Bolide impact at the K-T [Cretaceous-Tertiary]boundary. There is widespread belief that bolide impact wasthe major killing mechanism at the K-T boundary [that reputedly killed thedinosaurs].  The GTME [Gravity Theory of Mass Extinction] asserts that it was not and that the impact was an indirect result ofthe primarily longitudinal movement of the continental tectonic plates asPangea broke apart, [inducing] … […]

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Poem – The Fern (By DS Maolalai)

The Fern   these are days; people with nothing to do doing nothing. people with things to do doing those things. the sun out, loud and shining, like a child screaming at a dropped ice-cream, but weak enough to freeze you in a shadow. people sometimes in houses touching their hands against the clock. staring at computers. or older, looking […]

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